Friday, January 31, 2014


Begin it with a BANG! BANG BANG! hahaha!

Happy New Year to our CHINESE brothers and friends!

Being a Filipino, when I see and hear news about the Chinese New Year, all I have in mind is: HOW MUCH LUCK WOULD COME IN - into my POCKET, CAREER and even LOVE LIFE! lol

Uhmm, I think the Chinese New Year is the most festive generous celebration in the Philippines - frankly, its like all the RICH people celebrating in a day or two, wearing RED and GOLD Chinese Costumes! HONG BAO's , DUMPLINGS , COOKIES, DRAGON DANCE, lots and lots of LUCKY CHARMS and TIKOY! And so I went to Binondo last Wenesday an the place was so festive already!

Saw some men getting ready with the "DRAGON" for the dragon dance.

2014 - according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the YEAR of the  WOODEN HORSE. Uhmmm, luck for the horse-race-betters! hahaha!
It is generally predicted to be a year that brings health and prosperity and is an excellent year to travel. I sure hope those predictions are correct because I want to TRAVEL A LOT this year! Haha

Shing nien kwai le, gung xi fa cai -

Have a happy and prosperous new year!

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