Monday, January 13, 2014


Crank! Breeet! Crrooook! Loud noisy rambling sound- MAHJONG

After eating lunch my aunt Linda asked me to send text messages  to my sister because she wanted to play mahjong, she said,"text your ate En to go here and play mahjong with us p.s. bring her helper so her kids won't disturb the session". Well that was a very directive order so I did text my sister. An hour after, my sister arrived and they started playing with my dad and other brother.
As I was watching them play I noticed that there is no constant winner, all of them experienced winning and losing.  I thought GAMBLING really is a matter of luck theres an equal probability of success and downfall.
Relating it to our daily lives, sometimes GAMBLING is necessary to get out of mediocrity. Wether we win or lose, the important thing is that when we fall, we learned something and embrace that lesson in order to pick up yourself again and be ready for the next GAMBLE that you are going to take.
Goodnight everyone!

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