Thursday, January 23, 2014




The world is vastly changing and developing in terms of technology, most writers nowadays are using these technology like keyboards to write their stories.

Yes, I do type-write all my blogs, but sometimes using my beloved PENCIL feels so different, feels authentic as you literally write on a piece of paper. It brings back those precious memoirs of being a child. I remember holding my first pencil as it was the start of exploring the incomparable power of writing and drawing from the simplest shapes to the complex abstracts. From that moment, I felt the presence of art encircling my soul, the passion and self understanding to what I really love -writing. Having a pencil in my hand feels magical. It feels like all the ideas in my mind flows down to my veins towards the pencil and make me scribble and sew the thoughts together to make an art known.

The pencil represents my passion and goals in life. It makes my ambitions come alive.

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