Tuesday, June 3, 2014



The summer heat is drying out every single drop of electrolyte filled gland in my skin, better way to cope up is to quench my epidermic tissue with either the salty waters of NATURE or the clear chlorinated waters of the INDUSTRIALIZED swimming pools. NO. I WANT BOTH!!!

The MONOPOD CRAZE is hitting the market thats why me and friends got each one. And whats the best way to use it? - OUTING!!!!

After almost a month of argue and stormy moods FINALLY! A new destination has been set by the STARS!

SINAGTALA! SINAG means RAY OF LIGHT and TALA is STAR. Enough translating, lets GO and find out this popular resort. A resort in an upland village adjacent to the Bataan National Park, raised 500 meters above sea level, this attraction has been rooted by a lot of visitors due to its cooler environment.

I waked up 5 in the morning to meet my friends at San Marcelino Zambales, we eyed at 6 in the morning and had breakfast on our way to Bataan, stopping over at every vend we see on the road to check out and try some delicacies of the province. We arrived at 10 am driving through some zigzags and slopes.

Our hearts pounded when the receptionist asked if we were reserved on that day (we didn't had reservation) we thought we would go home with nothing... no pictures no Facebook likes lol. Because there were few guests in the resort, we were welcomed and ushered to the pool side view.

OMG! WOW! those were the first words that we uttered when we had realized that we are standing high above the ground in front of a pool with an infinite view of the raw jungle of Bataan forests. This is heaven for those who are like us - nature adventure seekers - slightly laid-backers haha!



The place is very organic, serene and calming. Sinagtala is a 50 hectares farm and retreat park located in Brgy. Tala, Orani, Bataan, about 500 meters above sea level foothills of Mt. Natib and the Bataan Natural Park.

For day tour for visitors who want to go picnicking and swimming, rooms are available for 100 persons for overnight stay with free breakfast.

Rooms good for 2 to 6 persons are from P2,300 to P4,400 a day.

A whole house with a capacity of 10 persons can be rented for P7,000 – P10,000; main house for 17 persons at P17,000 and a whole house for 30 people at P30,000.

Day tour rate is P300 per person including swimming.

Children aged 5 years and below are free of charge.

GETTING THERE? Contact number:0920-901-7584