Tuesday, February 25, 2014


 No, it was not planned at all! 

I got the chance to go to an early summer treat at WHITE ROCK Resort located at the coast of Subic seas. That day, as usual we thought that we were only the guests of the resort - later I'll tell you what we found out! Getting to White Rock Resort is easy, from the City of Olongapo it would only take 15minutes of your travel time, for it is only located near the National Road at Matain Subic Zambales. We arrived at the resort at around 9am (incomplete, because g'Chen was still at home doing her "self -oratory -beautification" haha). Me, Jacky, Krenz and Chiny PLUS PLUS OUR motherly saviour MOMMY-GOODLOOKING-TEEN-LIKE-AGELESS DONABEL also jumped into the gala-ship. Haha for sure she'd be happy reading this.

At the entrance, we were ushered to the lobby and there, we witnessed how the staff treat their guests with undeniable hospitality and politeness. Also I have to thank Madam LAARNE's generous sister for sponsoring the cottage that we will be staying in for the day.

From the lobby, we got a ride on a caddy to our cottage. The cottage we picked is facing the beach, that time the resort is doing some renovations and buildings. What we did first was to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery and had some snack, boiled egg, bananas and steamed corn, brought by MOMMY DONA and SEXY JACKY.

We didnt packed for lunch so we called Chowking Subic Town to deliver some. Then we bought desert from the hotel restaurant -SPECIAL HALO HALO- Yumm!!

After lunch, we roamed the whole resort and tried to take pictures of each and every amenity, from the WAVE POOLS, BOWLING AREA, KIDDIE POOLS, BIG BOWL, GIANT SLIDE, ZIPLINES and also peeked through the hotel rooms and activity areas.

The entrance fee which is about 650php includes a 30minute kayaking or canoeing. I enjoyed this part the most!!! Because while getting our kayaks, we recognized two lovely girls playing in the sands of the beach! ARLENE AND SUE of the famous tv show ANNALIZA, of course, we took pictures with them, even had fun with them in the WAVE POOL. ZANJOE is also in whiterock, we saw him riding the jetski and even stopped to pose for picture taking.

We really enjoyed the day at white rock! This resort is worth the start of our summer, fun, exciting and full of surprises!


Saturday, February 8, 2014


Its very  heart warming to witness a friend's wedding.  More touching to be one of the invited.  

October 5, 2013 - it was a date worth remembering, especially to the couples ELLA and  JOETET... the loveliest wedding I have ever attended! It was a simple civil ceremony lead by the San Marcelino Town Mayor, full of laughter and joy as the ceremony goes by, jokes here an there but the main point was TWO YOUNG PEOPLE BONDED BY THE TIES OF LOVE, RESPECT AND DETERMINATION TO BUILD A NEW AND STRONG FAMILY.  The blessing was ended by a sweet KISS! That made everyone in the ceremony hall envious! including me! I WANTED TO KISS SOMEONE RIGHT THEN RIGHT THERE! Hahaha! (I wished lol)

After the signing of vows, we went straight to the reception, which was already in place waiting for guests. The BY THE SEA Resort , it is situated along the national road of Barretto Olongapo City. A much of a decent but elegant looking venue for weddings, birthdays or even seminars.   The food was buffet style, well balanced taste and a pricy feel to the presentation of the food.  Well, this is the moment I really enjoyed! EATING lol.

I forgot to mention that we were the PHOTOGRAPHERS during the occasion. All the attendees of the wedding were so friendly and so much of a camera pigs  like us! They strike their poses in every angle of the vicinity! That made us enjoy more! 
I can compare the wedding to a family reunion thats as if they treated everyone as family members, get the chance to chit chat to each and every guest be funny and stuff.

We enjoyed every bit of the wedding from the blessing to eating to camwhoring! That me and bunch of friends had even continued celebrating the success of the wedding to a local bar at SBMA - PIER ONE.

That is one great wedding. SIMPLE YET WARM AND ELEGANT!