Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Have you ever heard someone utter the GREAT word?  Well there are those people who usually and constantly use this word. For them, it has to be superlative, neither GOOD nor GREAT ENOUGH.
How will we know if a thing or an instance is GREAT? Do we really know how to use this word? Why do we relentlessly use this term? An expression perhaps? For example, “You’re the GREATEST mom in the world!” … now other moms would think, where can they have gone wrong? Until their son or daughters tell them the same thing.
Being GREAT is the ultimate, as a human being, what should we do to be great? What are the cores of being great? Is it wealth, reputation, or a heavenly career?

Well actually, being great I think, depends on every person’s perception. We can simply be great by doing good deeds and keeping that view in focus and by heart.

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