Thursday, January 23, 2014


HEROIC deeds could KILL YOU. Lol
Would you rather die a hero or live long enough to be a VILLAIN?
Isn’t it true that all HEROES have been proclaimed AFTER DEATH? Well except for those fictional ones.
Back when I was still a child, physically (for mentally I think I’m still a child), I used to wear capes using our blankets tied in around my neck. Imagine pillows as villains and throw them out our window as what is happening on tv shows. Remember BIOMAN, POWER RANGERS, FIVEMAN, ULTRAMAN, and ZENKI? Like every day after school I see to it that the remote control was in my possession so I can be the master of the living room. I’d cry myself to the extent that my dad would beat me because they don’t want me to watch my favorite cartoon shows as long as I’ve already done my homework.
This war of life being a child is very inspiring to look back at.  It’s a war where no one is a hero, but a teacher and a hero in the making. 

LOL, it was a different story when it comes to me, haha! I don’t want to die to be a hero lol. BUT learning life’s lessons could be considered the start of being a hero.  Keeping in mind all the morals my parents have taught me would be a good start.
Live long to serve as a hero. NO ONE NEEDS TO BE BURRIED just to become ONE.

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