Thursday, January 23, 2014



They say that laughter is the best medicine.  But what is the basal element of laughter? How can we know if it is laughable??

From grimace to unbearable smell these are all laughable and not.  We should not be imprisoning the comic to a single definition. It is the nature of every human being, a talent, a gift of sense when, where and what is laughable.  We should contempt what we have already seen as laughable, laughable is something more flexible than an abstract definition, it is innate, unique and sometimes imperceptible.

Laughing does no harm at all as long as we know to use it right. Laughter is indeed the best medicine but not for diseases but for the illness of the heart and soul.  Although it utilizes a lot of our bodies enzymes and hormones to release a single laughing sensation, its main reason is to heal an conceal our heart’s hurting feelings.

And so LAUGHTER is my topic but then I’m sensing that my words and sentences are a bit into the
dramatic side.HAHA. This cozy afternoon is making me feel a little bit
mellow dramatic.LOL

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