Saturday, January 11, 2014


The loud children noise woke me up this morning. The cheerful laughter of children playing in the street gives me a feeling of bliss. I stood up do some stretching and then ate breakfast.

I don't know but I feel so energetic today, I helped my dad rearrange some garden pots, and head towards  the street, I wanted to have a walk around our zone, as I was walking I heard two children singing "ROAR" by Katie Perry, they were a good singing duet, one was in tune but pretty much had a different lyrics and the other with the correct lyrics cannot hit even a single note correctly haha! And they were like singing their hearts out! ROARING like crazy tigers!

On my way back home, I came across with a TAHO VENDOR (BEAN-CURD PUDDING VENDOR), he is an old man in white shirt and denim pants, I think he's in his 50's; pretty strong for his age lifting two big buckets full of bean curd! I felt pitiful and proud of him at the same time for having a very hard job just to earn money for a living.  I ordered one cup worth Php10 then I realized that I was on empty pocket so I told the vendor to follow me back home so I could pay him (I finished the bean-curd pudding before realizing that I don't have money lol).

As I lay down on bed tonight, the memories of today radiates joy to my heart clearing the soul of disappointment of yesterdays' failures and misfortunes. We just have to appreciate every little thing that we bump into because each of them is a part of the chain of life, simple things that help us grow and develop as we age, help us understand what LIFE is all about.

Goodnight!!! xoxo

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