Saturday, January 11, 2014


Isn't the TITLE TOO GAY? lol

Getting into the talking point... My AUNTS from different regions of the Philippines came here in Zambales to REUNITE with my MOM. At long last! After decades they've seen each other again.  They came here to celebrate NEW YEAR's EVE together.  How touching it is to see them almost teary eyed seeing each other like it was the first and the last time. They hugged and kissed each other showing how they've missed one another. OHMAGAAAAD its like a TELENOVELA/MAALAALA MO PA BA SERIES LOL.

They were aunt EDNA (from BASILAN), aunt LINDA (from ILOCOS) and aunt AMY (from CAVITE) and my loving mom TESS (ZAMBALES). They all came from SAMAR where they have spent their childhood till they met our fathers from different regions in the Philippines... That's the story on how they kinda drifted away from each other. (I wish I had the time to tell you all their inspiring stories but that would like take forever and might bore you guys lol).

Indeed it was the HAPPIEST MEDIA NOCHE for the four of them altogether again. They were like young teen girls bullying and mocking each other after eating the midnight food that each of them prepared for new year. They sang all night long with their favorite songs. A VERY JOYOUS MOMENT IT WAS!

Then a day after January 1, we went to a beach/pool resort at BARANGAY PUNDAQUIT SAN ANTONIO ZAMBALES - we have chosen VILLA JANELLA RESORT for it was not only ONE OF
THE BEST AFFORDABLE RESORTS but also they have a very welcoming attitude towards guests.

We spent the day swimming, eating, picture taking and all sorts of fun stuff that we can don the resort.

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