Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp

Do you ever feel like going  to a place where you can interact with nature? If yes, then you would wanna try going to JEST CAMP at Subic Bay Freeport Zone.  Its a very serene place to relax and at the same time enjoy what nature can offer. The camp has a wide variety of things to bask in!

THE BUTTERFLY GARDEN - a dome made of net full of different species of butterflies where you can feed them with the provided nectar (i guess?) and take beautiful pictures with the gorgeous butterflies!

THE AVIARY -  display of different species of birds that at least you didnt see yet, hahaha. some in big cages where you can walk into and feed and feel the birds!

THE JUNGLE SURVIVAL LESSONS- a session where in they offer some jungle survival tips and tricks like making fire (hot lol), choosing vines and shrubs which you can extract food and water, making natural shampoo from gugo and of course cooking using the bamboo!

THE MUSEUM - a walk through the camp's history and   bunch of dead mummified animals lol. very educating tho

THE BONSAI FAIRY GARDEN - display of different bonzai-ed plants! the cutest!

THE INSECTARIUM -  different insects, some yucky looking insects hahaha! kewl and fun!

AND A LOT MORE! (here are some photos)


From MANILA, you will simply get a bus ride to OLONGAPO CITY and from there, ride a taxi to the camp! for more detailed info im linking the camp's site! ENJOY XD

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