Sunday, January 12, 2014

doot doo doot doot DIEGO

Men was created with feet, with feet, we are able to move, to walk, to explore, to jump and even defend ourselves with a KICK.

 FEET and or the LEGS -may it be LONG as the beauty queens posses, or SHORT as the dwarf's its functionality is indeed one of GOD'S GREATEST GIFT TO MEN.

 I am very proud of my feet, it came along with an extra gift of adventure. I think I was DIEGO (DORA'S COUSIN), in my past life; I really love going to places, getting to know the culture and tradition of every spot that I visit.


Yes, budget is always an issue, it will decide how far can you go for an expedition. You will have to consider travel fairs, food, and entrance and amusement fees also some money for take home souvenirs and "pasalubongs". Good thing I have friends who knows how to budget and schedule our travels very smartly.

One of the most considered also is the "OUTFIT" . WHAT TO WEAR NEXT!!! Of course you would not want to wear same clothes on different places as it would appear like you went at two or three places in the same day ON YOUR PICTURES.

Another crucial thing is our SCHEDULES, we are on different offices and departments thats why we
have to make our schedules meet which is way too difficult so one of us should be filing a leave or worst TO BE ABSENT. Going to places is a fulfillment, joy and happiness. A way to use GOD's gift
-our feet.

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