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Going through the pages of the web, this one caught my attention that I can't help not to write about it. (**photo credits to wtffunfacts)
Kudos to the Government of LONDON! This fact has opened my eyes to a different level of curiosity.  Why would the drivers has to go through a lot of tests and knowledge?
Maybe some would find it difficult to answer that question. But for FILIPINOS like me, its easy to answer even if it requires a thousand-word essay.
Here in the Philippines literally anyone could drive as long as you have passed the LAND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE EXAM and COMPLIED WITH THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.
There are three types of permits or license that are issued by the LTO.
1. STUDENT'S PERMIT -  given to those who are 16 years old and above that opts to learn how to drive. The applicant must be physically and mentally fit and is able to read and write Filipino and English. For 18 years old and below, additional requirements would be  parents' or guardian's consent.
2. NON PROFESSIONAL LICENSE - given to those who opts to drive private vehicles.
3. PROFESSIONAL LICENSE - for those who will drive public transportation vehicles.
List of required docs are as follows:
1. Original with photocopy of birth certificate.
In the absence thereof, any of the following:
a. Joint affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons who know the applicant and who can attest to his/her age and identity accompanied by non-availability of record from NSO or local civil registry office.
b. Any legal document to prove his age and identity such as GSIS, SSS, Passport or any government issued identification card.
2. For applicants below 18 years old, require parent’s or guardian’s written consent with photo copy of ID Card to prove his/her identity. If not accompanied by parent/guardian, the written consent must be duly notarized.
3. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) if employed
4. Duly accomplished Application for Driver’s License
**DISCLAMER: I am not an employee or part of the LTO agency. I just want to share my knowledge on the topic.
Every country or government has their own rules with regards to obtaining a driver's license. But for me, especially for PROFESSIONAL LICENSED DRIVERS, there should be more trainings and qualifications for the reason that here in the Philippines we cannot deny that there are still lots of public transport drivers that DO NOT KNOW THE LAW or even HOW TO GIVE IMPORTANCE AND CARE TO THOSE THEY SERVE - the commuters.

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