Thursday, January 23, 2014




Borrowing money or letting someone borrow money from you is a risky and dangerous act whenever strain in repaying is anticipated.

The borrower either asks to borrow money as a favor or borrow from someone as a business. Both ways affects the borrower and somehow becomes unfriendly and less communicable maybe because of the weight of the obligation and fear of being forced to pay back.

I have experienced both being the borrower and the lender, as a borrower you always have to be responsible enough to know your obligations and limitations, know how much you need and stick on to that amount and know when to pay.  As a lender, always and always be open to the possibilities of not being paid back, so for that  you have to consider if the borrower is responsible enough and trustworthy. Also know to refrain sometimes. Lend only what you can.

It is not bad to borrow nor to lend money as long as you keep in swathe on what is the deal between the both of you. BE RESPONSIBLE.HONOR YOUR TRUST.

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