Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Another fun adventure with my friends after the JEST CAMP-ing.

ZOOBIC SAFARI is an attraction consisting of a vast variety of exotic and domestic animals from mammals, avian,reptilian and also marsupial families kept in conservation.  The place is huge and as I've researched, it is a five (5) hectare zoo!!!  The setting was so authentic looking because of the natural terrain of the Subic forests, from hills, slopes and water streams it seem like you've been walking in a jungle with wild exotic animals around you.

There are lots of attractions like:

SAVANNAH - its like going to Africa seeing wild boar, ostriches, and guinea fowls while riding their cool bus!

SERPENTARIUM - eeekky slimy snake word!

ZOOBIC PARK -  a walk in park that lets you feed domesticated animals also some exotic ones are in there.

RODENT WORLD - i didn't like this one haha honestly im scared of rodents plus the fact that they stink!

ANIMAL MUZOOEUM -  dead animals looking alive and shiny. bones!!!

BIRD WALK - love birds!!! oh as they let you feed them these birds look out for your dundruff and clean it for you haha!!! wear a hat!

AETA'S TRAIL - a cool stuff where our beloved aetas offers a dance ritual.

CROCO LOCO - feeding crocos! lol

CLOSE ENCOUNTER - picture taking with tamed tigers thats it! hahaha

TIGER SAFARI - a coaster ride to the tiger's santuary where you can feed hungry and fearsome tigers!

FORBIDDEN CAVE -  its like a haunted house trail where falling snakes freaked us out! its dark in there!

Here are some photos of me and my friends enjoying the ZOOBIC SAFARI ADVENTURE:


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