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Begin it with a BANG! BANG BANG! hahaha!

Happy New Year to our CHINESE brothers and friends!

Being a Filipino, when I see and hear news about the Chinese New Year, all I have in mind is: HOW MUCH LUCK WOULD COME IN - into my POCKET, CAREER and even LOVE LIFE! lol

Uhmm, I think the Chinese New Year is the most festive generous celebration in the Philippines - frankly, its like all the RICH people celebrating in a day or two, wearing RED and GOLD Chinese Costumes! HONG BAO's , DUMPLINGS , COOKIES, DRAGON DANCE, lots and lots of LUCKY CHARMS and TIKOY! And so I went to Binondo last Wenesday an the place was so festive already!

Saw some men getting ready with the "DRAGON" for the dragon dance.

2014 - according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar is the YEAR of the  WOODEN HORSE. Uhmmm, luck for the horse-race-betters! hahaha!
It is generally predicted to be a year that brings health and prosperity and is an excellent year to travel. I sure hope those predictions are correct because I want to TRAVEL A LOT this year! Haha

Shing nien kwai le, gung xi fa cai -

Have a happy and prosperous new year!


Wandering at the SM Manila branch, I wanted to have my lunch already because I left home with just coffee in my tummy, and as I was deciding to choose where to fill up my near empty stomach, I saw a bunch of people waiting in line at a food promo store at the SM Food-court. So I went there and saw sumptuous Filipino and Chinese delicacies.
Seems authentic right?? But all the foods were for VEGETARIANS (or VEGANS).  We'll so I got the chance to order their most promising promo - 2 VIANDS with RICE and PANCIT and JUICE for 99Php!
Its cheap! The fact that their serving were good for 2 persons.  So I began munching the meal, the sauce of the dishes were perfect but because I am NOT A VEGAN, I didnt like the MEAT SUBSTITUTE that they were using for the dish, It tastes like over stocked TOFU SOAKED in MILK! Its tasty tho.

If you're a new vegetarian (or vegan!), you may want to try this meat substitute meal. Vegetarian meat is usually a store-bought frozen or refrigerated food made from soy, gluten, vegetables or a combination of those three main ingredients. The  meat is shaped, prepared, spiced and colored to resemble real meat. Some do contain egg and traces of dairy, so check the label if you are sensitive to or avoid these foods and need your vegetarian meat to be vegan as well.

All in all, uhm the rating would be 4 out of 5 for me, cutting off the 1 for the meat that I didn't like at all.

I managed to print screen the Branches I searched via Google Maps:


Thursday, January 23, 2014




The world is vastly changing and developing in terms of technology, most writers nowadays are using these technology like keyboards to write their stories.

Yes, I do type-write all my blogs, but sometimes using my beloved PENCIL feels so different, feels authentic as you literally write on a piece of paper. It brings back those precious memoirs of being a child. I remember holding my first pencil as it was the start of exploring the incomparable power of writing and drawing from the simplest shapes to the complex abstracts. From that moment, I felt the presence of art encircling my soul, the passion and self understanding to what I really love -writing. Having a pencil in my hand feels magical. It feels like all the ideas in my mind flows down to my veins towards the pencil and make me scribble and sew the thoughts together to make an art known.

The pencil represents my passion and goals in life. It makes my ambitions come alive.

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Getting back on track
Staying inside your concentration isn't the easiest... There are lots and lots of distractions awaiting to crash into our weak-points, from feeling hungry or sleepy, these are simple distractions that sometimes are unnoticeable by our conscious minds. But those are just inert distractions what more are the environmental factors right?
It is ok to be distracted at times because sometimes, these distractions can somewhat refresh our minds during a strenuous work, sometimes its a form of relaxation or a break. Allowing ourselves to be distracted is beneficial, as long as we know how to get back on track, and also we should know when to avoid unnecessary ones.
Do not drown yourselves on hard work, and focusing too seriously in a certain point, be also weary about your surroundings especially be aware of yourselves as we as humans also needs a break, a temporary escape from reality, a way to be lost at times in order to learn more and improve more.
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There are some people who cannot bear being with the company of others, they prefer to live alone without someone to bother them. They enjoy the quietness and ease of being alone.  For me, it’s the other way around, I cannot be a solitary man, and without my friends it is not fun, boring and dull.
Imagine having expensive gadgets, going to amazing places and having good food without someone to tell and brag or share with?  True happiness emanates when you can share your experiences and hear feedbacks about it right?
More over, friends do help you out at tough times. Help learn  together, be happy together.

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In this world, we are all interconnected, supporting each other through the chain of life.
Some say that life is unfair, we can see it through poverty and weakness.  We cannot deny that some of us constantly needs help,  and are also constantly helped by others.

This morning as I was walking alongside of the Olongapo Victory Terminal, a man tapped my arm and asked for money, for help.” BOSS PANG-KAIN LANG” (ASKING SOME MONEY FOR FOOD).  I turned my back and saw this well-built man, almost my height, and estimating his age, he would be in his early 30’s. In my thoughts, wow! It’s like he’s more capable and stronger than me yet he is wasting his time and energy asking for alms.  I gave him 5 pesos, a small amount but it’s an EASY MONEY.

Why would they ask for help from others when they themselves don’t know how to help themselves? Isn’t it the BEST HELP THAT YOU CAN GET IS SELF HELP?
Walk by your own feet! Dont wait for help! You can do it!

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Borrowing money or letting someone borrow money from you is a risky and dangerous act whenever strain in repaying is anticipated.

The borrower either asks to borrow money as a favor or borrow from someone as a business. Both ways affects the borrower and somehow becomes unfriendly and less communicable maybe because of the weight of the obligation and fear of being forced to pay back.

I have experienced both being the borrower and the lender, as a borrower you always have to be responsible enough to know your obligations and limitations, know how much you need and stick on to that amount and know when to pay.  As a lender, always and always be open to the possibilities of not being paid back, so for that  you have to consider if the borrower is responsible enough and trustworthy. Also know to refrain sometimes. Lend only what you can.

It is not bad to borrow nor to lend money as long as you keep in swathe on what is the deal between the both of you. BE RESPONSIBLE.HONOR YOUR TRUST.

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A lot of us today has become more and more conscious about fashion, what to wear and how to wear pieces of fabrics and accessories. Fashion and trends are just set by designers to boost their sales and income which in turn are absorbed and adsorbed by many of us. It spreads like wildfire continent to continent.

Fashion can be associated to everything, from dresses, hairstyles, shoes, even manner and etiquette.  Most of us learn fashion by watching films or browsing the net. Now there are even fashion shows on tv! They even have their own channel! That is the power of trend.

Fashion does not mean to follow and mimic everything that is popular.  It does not apply to everybody, it does not mean that if you don’t wear what is trending in the market, you have no fashion sense, well in fact those people who know what to wear comfortably are the most fashionable people for me.  Why would you wear fancy dresses if it does not fit your personality at all? Isn’t it sily?

It is a good thing embracing the change in life, following the trend and  gaining new ideas to improve ourselves BUT always know when to think back and stop, recognize would the change is beneficial or not.

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Through some stressful heart-breaking moments of life, it is indispensable that humorous acts should always be around.  When we feel low, when our personal concerns are in debauched shape, sometimes we become moody irritable and distressed. This may slacken our energy and vigor. Let us laugh at our troubles. 

Possessing a sense of humor may lessen the burdens of life. This may help us overcome our uncertainties.
Some publics say that they don’t have a good sense of humor; it may be true that only some possess this kind of sense. 

But being able to laugh at things does not mean having a sense of humor, misdirected humor forfeits the doles of laughter. It is important to know when to laugh and not to laugh, it should have a precise time and place, without knowing and behaving in a precise manner, YOU DON’T HAVE HUMOR AT ALL!
Good thing and thank GOD I was able to apprehend and appreciate humor. Let us enjoy life’s spices as it's only a matter of reparation.

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They say that laughter is the best medicine.  But what is the basal element of laughter? How can we know if it is laughable??

From grimace to unbearable smell these are all laughable and not.  We should not be imprisoning the comic to a single definition. It is the nature of every human being, a talent, a gift of sense when, where and what is laughable.  We should contempt what we have already seen as laughable, laughable is something more flexible than an abstract definition, it is innate, unique and sometimes imperceptible.

Laughing does no harm at all as long as we know to use it right. Laughter is indeed the best medicine but not for diseases but for the illness of the heart and soul.  Although it utilizes a lot of our bodies enzymes and hormones to release a single laughing sensation, its main reason is to heal an conceal our heart’s hurting feelings.

And so LAUGHTER is my topic but then I’m sensing that my words and sentences are a bit into the
dramatic side.HAHA. This cozy afternoon is making me feel a little bit
mellow dramatic.LOL

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HEROIC deeds could KILL YOU. Lol
Would you rather die a hero or live long enough to be a VILLAIN?
Isn’t it true that all HEROES have been proclaimed AFTER DEATH? Well except for those fictional ones.
Back when I was still a child, physically (for mentally I think I’m still a child), I used to wear capes using our blankets tied in around my neck. Imagine pillows as villains and throw them out our window as what is happening on tv shows. Remember BIOMAN, POWER RANGERS, FIVEMAN, ULTRAMAN, and ZENKI? Like every day after school I see to it that the remote control was in my possession so I can be the master of the living room. I’d cry myself to the extent that my dad would beat me because they don’t want me to watch my favorite cartoon shows as long as I’ve already done my homework.
This war of life being a child is very inspiring to look back at.  It’s a war where no one is a hero, but a teacher and a hero in the making. 

LOL, it was a different story when it comes to me, haha! I don’t want to die to be a hero lol. BUT learning life’s lessons could be considered the start of being a hero.  Keeping in mind all the morals my parents have taught me would be a good start.
Live long to serve as a hero. NO ONE NEEDS TO BE BURRIED just to become ONE.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Have you ever heard someone utter the GREAT word?  Well there are those people who usually and constantly use this word. For them, it has to be superlative, neither GOOD nor GREAT ENOUGH.
How will we know if a thing or an instance is GREAT? Do we really know how to use this word? Why do we relentlessly use this term? An expression perhaps? For example, “You’re the GREATEST mom in the world!” … now other moms would think, where can they have gone wrong? Until their son or daughters tell them the same thing.
Being GREAT is the ultimate, as a human being, what should we do to be great? What are the cores of being great? Is it wealth, reputation, or a heavenly career?

Well actually, being great I think, depends on every person’s perception. We can simply be great by doing good deeds and keeping that view in focus and by heart.

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Monday, January 13, 2014


Yeah! Just had my room cleaned -BY ME!!!
Once every lightyear, the heavenly gates open and pours a sense of responsibility in me. Haha!
Cleaning my room has a lot of benefits!
1. Having a fresh and conducive spot to relax.
2. Less stressful sight.
3. Visitor-welcome room.
4. Mother friendly room haha!
5. Plus the fact that all of your misplaced stuff are recovered!
I was surprised that i filled a sack of garbage out of the clutters in my room! Empty soda cans, fries boxes, foil pack of junkies and broken glass pieces (lucky that I wasn't able to step on those sharp things).
Now that My room is clean and very organized, well, I think I could be more sort of productive and inspired in writing haha! I wish!

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Going through the pages of the web, this one caught my attention that I can't help not to write about it. (**photo credits to wtffunfacts)
Kudos to the Government of LONDON! This fact has opened my eyes to a different level of curiosity.  Why would the drivers has to go through a lot of tests and knowledge?
Maybe some would find it difficult to answer that question. But for FILIPINOS like me, its easy to answer even if it requires a thousand-word essay.
Here in the Philippines literally anyone could drive as long as you have passed the LAND TRANSPORTATION OFFICE EXAM and COMPLIED WITH THE REQUIRED DOCUMENTS.
There are three types of permits or license that are issued by the LTO.
1. STUDENT'S PERMIT -  given to those who are 16 years old and above that opts to learn how to drive. The applicant must be physically and mentally fit and is able to read and write Filipino and English. For 18 years old and below, additional requirements would be  parents' or guardian's consent.
2. NON PROFESSIONAL LICENSE - given to those who opts to drive private vehicles.
3. PROFESSIONAL LICENSE - for those who will drive public transportation vehicles.
List of required docs are as follows:
1. Original with photocopy of birth certificate.
In the absence thereof, any of the following:
a. Joint affidavit of two (2) disinterested persons who know the applicant and who can attest to his/her age and identity accompanied by non-availability of record from NSO or local civil registry office.
b. Any legal document to prove his age and identity such as GSIS, SSS, Passport or any government issued identification card.
2. For applicants below 18 years old, require parent’s or guardian’s written consent with photo copy of ID Card to prove his/her identity. If not accompanied by parent/guardian, the written consent must be duly notarized.
3. Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN) if employed
4. Duly accomplished Application for Driver’s License
**DISCLAMER: I am not an employee or part of the LTO agency. I just want to share my knowledge on the topic.
Every country or government has their own rules with regards to obtaining a driver's license. But for me, especially for PROFESSIONAL LICENSED DRIVERS, there should be more trainings and qualifications for the reason that here in the Philippines we cannot deny that there are still lots of public transport drivers that DO NOT KNOW THE LAW or even HOW TO GIVE IMPORTANCE AND CARE TO THOSE THEY SERVE - the commuters.

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Grow! You aren't living if you don't change and GROW!
To develop and be better, we need to grow not only physically but more important is that we GROW through life experiences.
As i was browsing the net, i came across this funny image of MASLOW'S HEIRARCHY OF NEEDS.
It really is funny yet very straight. Back in college we were discussing this presentation which Maslo has created.  It has the biggest sense of reality and idealism for it shows how one person can achieve his potentials through following or pursuing every step in the triangle.
As time changes everything due to the advancing technology, I realized that what was added bellow the triangle really is an essential part of ones living nowadays.
WIFI or INTERNET CONNECTION - everyone of us is constantly using this technology today in various ways that could help lighten the burden of surviving life.  May  it be communication, researching useful datas to watching videos that somehow help to inspire others and most of all, there are ONLINE JOBS utilizing the power of INTERNET.
The INTERNET is helping me now to pursue my one true love - WRITING.  It helps me to see through various ideas stitched to the fibers of the internet networks widening my knowledge of everything around us.  Also Helps me to SHARE my thoughts to my loved ones, friends and  also to random people who comes across my blogs.
Thank you to the ALMIGHTY that He has given us the GIFT of intelligence and resourcefulness that men was able to put up this technology.
**photo credits to 9gag

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Crank! Breeet! Crrooook! Loud noisy rambling sound- MAHJONG

After eating lunch my aunt Linda asked me to send text messages  to my sister because she wanted to play mahjong, she said,"text your ate En to go here and play mahjong with us p.s. bring her helper so her kids won't disturb the session". Well that was a very directive order so I did text my sister. An hour after, my sister arrived and they started playing with my dad and other brother.
As I was watching them play I noticed that there is no constant winner, all of them experienced winning and losing.  I thought GAMBLING really is a matter of luck theres an equal probability of success and downfall.
Relating it to our daily lives, sometimes GAMBLING is necessary to get out of mediocrity. Wether we win or lose, the important thing is that when we fall, we learned something and embrace that lesson in order to pick up yourself again and be ready for the next GAMBLE that you are going to take.
Goodnight everyone!

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Sunday, January 12, 2014


Change -make or become different.
They say that the only CONSTANT thing in this world is CHANGE. Everything is changing, from simple thoughts to the shape of the continents, even the whole universe is changing.
Why do we have to change? To become better? Then why do others go from good to worst?
Simple questions that are very difficult to answer.
For me, change is a form of self improvement, developing better skills, honing a better attitude and learning a better outlook in life. BUT THAT IS NOT TO BE PROMISED. Because in order to achieve CHANGES, one has to go through a lot of processes with different FACTORS. Those factors maybe ENVIRONMENTAL, PERSONAL, EMOTIONAL, AND SPIRITUAL may it be POSITIVE or NEGATIVE.
The only thing we should always bear in mind is that we should be prepared to EMBRACE IT AND at least  TRY TO DIRECT OURSELVES TO A POSITIVE CHANGE.

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doot doo doot doot DIEGO

Men was created with feet, with feet, we are able to move, to walk, to explore, to jump and even defend ourselves with a KICK.

 FEET and or the LEGS -may it be LONG as the beauty queens posses, or SHORT as the dwarf's its functionality is indeed one of GOD'S GREATEST GIFT TO MEN.

 I am very proud of my feet, it came along with an extra gift of adventure. I think I was DIEGO (DORA'S COUSIN), in my past life; I really love going to places, getting to know the culture and tradition of every spot that I visit.


Yes, budget is always an issue, it will decide how far can you go for an expedition. You will have to consider travel fairs, food, and entrance and amusement fees also some money for take home souvenirs and "pasalubongs". Good thing I have friends who knows how to budget and schedule our travels very smartly.

One of the most considered also is the "OUTFIT" . WHAT TO WEAR NEXT!!! Of course you would not want to wear same clothes on different places as it would appear like you went at two or three places in the same day ON YOUR PICTURES.

Another crucial thing is our SCHEDULES, we are on different offices and departments thats why we
have to make our schedules meet which is way too difficult so one of us should be filing a leave or worst TO BE ABSENT. Going to places is a fulfillment, joy and happiness. A way to use GOD's gift
-our feet.

Saturday, January 11, 2014


The loud children noise woke me up this morning. The cheerful laughter of children playing in the street gives me a feeling of bliss. I stood up do some stretching and then ate breakfast.

I don't know but I feel so energetic today, I helped my dad rearrange some garden pots, and head towards  the street, I wanted to have a walk around our zone, as I was walking I heard two children singing "ROAR" by Katie Perry, they were a good singing duet, one was in tune but pretty much had a different lyrics and the other with the correct lyrics cannot hit even a single note correctly haha! And they were like singing their hearts out! ROARING like crazy tigers!

On my way back home, I came across with a TAHO VENDOR (BEAN-CURD PUDDING VENDOR), he is an old man in white shirt and denim pants, I think he's in his 50's; pretty strong for his age lifting two big buckets full of bean curd! I felt pitiful and proud of him at the same time for having a very hard job just to earn money for a living.  I ordered one cup worth Php10 then I realized that I was on empty pocket so I told the vendor to follow me back home so I could pay him (I finished the bean-curd pudding before realizing that I don't have money lol).

As I lay down on bed tonight, the memories of today radiates joy to my heart clearing the soul of disappointment of yesterdays' failures and misfortunes. We just have to appreciate every little thing that we bump into because each of them is a part of the chain of life, simple things that help us grow and develop as we age, help us understand what LIFE is all about.

Goodnight!!! xoxo


The adventurous mind will always be partnered by an adventurous feet.

One murky afternoon we were like chatting on facebook with my friends, bullying and tormenting each other lol. Out of nowhere, we dared to plan an adventure and to everyones' surprise, it was set that day! WE WENT TO PUGO LA UNION 11pm that day!!! No budget prepared, we still went for it! GO GO GO! PUSH PUSH PUSH!

From Olongapo city we took a 5 hour bus ride to PUGO, we arrived like 4:30am and since it was still dark, we decided to look for a church and attend the "SIMBANG GABI" ( a devotional 9-day mass at dawn for the celebration of CHRISTMAS). "PARA PO!" Set off the bus on a dark spot in Pugo, it was raining so we went to a shaded place, the road was lined by wood carving business stores, imagine life size statues made of wood in a dim place...CREEPY!  We rode a tricycle to the church only to find out that the mass is already finished and the serving ladies were already cleaning the church... So we just prayed a bit and then took some pictures.

The church is located at the center of the town next to the public market, we roamed and looked for a place to have breakfast and we found this "KARINDERYA" (an eatery sort of local restaurant), the servers were so pleasing and they offered us their specialty- THE PULPOG. It is a char-grilled pork with onions chillies and soy sauce. It tastes like barbecue without the stick REALLY GOOD! We also ordered the DINAKDAKAN also a pork dish consisting of  grilled pork face parts like ears, cheeks, and tounge mixed with spices and pork brain. YUMMY!

At around 7am, we were serviced to the PUGAD ADVENTURE, we waited for an hour for they open the place at 8am.  We paid for the entrance fee and the cottage fee.  We were ushered to our "KUBO" (cottage).  The cottages were ver authentic filipino style looking some with stairs to a
second floor relaxing area! They also offer a room for two or family suits so you can stay longer. The day tour is only open up to 6pm.  The only downside that I first noticed is that THERE IS NO DATA SIGNAL (no internet signal). BOOO! Lol Anyways we went there to enjoy nature not the internet ;).

The area is wide covering a spot that has natural terrains, rafting rivers in between and mountain tops.   That indeed the Pugad is a very tiring fat burning adventure as you will have to walk hundreds of meters, cross hanging bridges and climb like 50 feet height just to reach different attractions.

The attractions were:

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

It was really fun in PUGAD but I have to leave my friends before lunch to attend the  INTERVIEW THAT DAY at PAMPANGA. I had a short but fun experience at PUGO, what I did was the moment we entered the resort's gate, my ever supportive friends let me enjoy all the activities first, they were there as my photographers and assistants lol. From ZIPLINES, WALL CLIMBING, ZORB BALL RIDING ETC, I managed to complete the attraction packages that I availed for like 2 hours! It was very tiring! Plus the stress that the upcoming interview is giving me, I chose PLEASURE first but see to it that the commitment that I have to attend is well given attention too! I was able to attend the interview in time! THANK GOD! My friends left PUGO at 4pm and we met at OLONGAPO CITY VICTORY LINER TERMINAL they congratulated me for being able to attend the interview but bullied me as we went home for the reason that I ALREADY STINK! (You can't blame me, Ive been through a lot that day! Hahaha!)



Isn't the TITLE TOO GAY? lol

Getting into the talking point... My AUNTS from different regions of the Philippines came here in Zambales to REUNITE with my MOM. At long last! After decades they've seen each other again.  They came here to celebrate NEW YEAR's EVE together.  How touching it is to see them almost teary eyed seeing each other like it was the first and the last time. They hugged and kissed each other showing how they've missed one another. OHMAGAAAAD its like a TELENOVELA/MAALAALA MO PA BA SERIES LOL.

They were aunt EDNA (from BASILAN), aunt LINDA (from ILOCOS) and aunt AMY (from CAVITE) and my loving mom TESS (ZAMBALES). They all came from SAMAR where they have spent their childhood till they met our fathers from different regions in the Philippines... That's the story on how they kinda drifted away from each other. (I wish I had the time to tell you all their inspiring stories but that would like take forever and might bore you guys lol).

Indeed it was the HAPPIEST MEDIA NOCHE for the four of them altogether again. They were like young teen girls bullying and mocking each other after eating the midnight food that each of them prepared for new year. They sang all night long with their favorite songs. A VERY JOYOUS MOMENT IT WAS!

Then a day after January 1, we went to a beach/pool resort at BARANGAY PUNDAQUIT SAN ANTONIO ZAMBALES - we have chosen VILLA JANELLA RESORT for it was not only ONE OF
THE BEST AFFORDABLE RESORTS but also they have a very welcoming attitude towards guests.

We spent the day swimming, eating, picture taking and all sorts of fun stuff that we can don the resort.