Thursday, January 9, 2014


"BITCHING" with college friends! lol

NO. What I really mean by that is "beaching" hahaha.  Me and my college friends with some "common friends"  had the chance to spend an overnight camping at the ANAWANGIN COVE which was AWESOME! The cove was 30-45 minutes of boat ride from the coast of Brgy. Pundaquit, San Antonio Zambales , depending on the size and speed of the boat you'll ride for rent. We arrived at the cove at around 1 pm and started building our tents. By that time, there were lots of campers on the island, because it was summer vacation for lots of students and workers. We had been catered by my brother-in-law with food and everything that we need to stay on the island (that's because it is their business getting and serving guests going to the cove- of course we get to pay them also *discounted lol).

Grilled seafood was served for lunch.  After eating we get to rest on some hammocks installed between two coconut trees.  And then we had some inland trekking at the center of the island and up the hill to take beautiful pictures and see the gorgeous scenery above the island. Then at dusk we went for swimming at the beach and took some underwater pictures! FUN!

We had a LITTLE drink, that we passed out and woke up beside everything that we thrown out of the gastric tract haha!


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