Thursday, January 9, 2014


Its really fun in Zambales! There are lots of cool places to visit, from beautiful coastlines to farms and campsites!

And here we go again, visiting another fun and adventure filled campsite in the heart of Cabangan Zambales - THE MANGO CAMP!

We took a bus ride to Cabangan town proper 6 in the morning from our meeting place which was in San Narciso town plaza, after 35 minutes we were already there! The first thing we did - WE BOUGHT LOTS OF FOOD at the Cabangan Public Market! Haha! Its like we could not resist the native "kakanin" (rice cakes, cassava puddings etc) that they sell, we also bought pork meat for barbecue and some veggies that can be grilled. YES WE WANT OUR BELLIES TO BE REALLY STUFFED BEFORE DOING SOME ACTIVITIES LOL! Then we took a ride by a tricycle to the camp, the road was a little bumpy and the ride took 10 minutes to the camp. When we arrived, We were surprised that the four of us were only the customers that day (WERE SO HAPPY THAT WE FELT WE OWN THE PLACE) !  The caretakers were so welcoming and even helped us set up our spot in the pool area and lend us some grilling utensils.  Of course,  we cooked our food first then ATE LIKE PIGS (that we felt sleepy).  We took "selfies" haha and after lunch were the activities set for us!


ATV (ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE) - drive along the man made trail... Its fun!
SUMO WRESTLING - wearing a humongous blob of foam we were like real sumo wrestlers!
PAINTBALL WAR- head to head against each other we fired paintballs till someone drops dead lol joke!
AIRSOFT - target shooting! I really enjoyed this one!
OBSTACLE COURSE - play through different obstacles, best to lose some fats!
WALL CLIMBING - unfortunately by that time this activity was on renovation.
BASKETBALL COURT - iexplain ko pa ba??? Lol

All in all i would say the camp was very entertaining and fun , I think its a very cool place to  enjoy group activities like TEAM BUILDING and TRAININGS or RECOLLECTIONS or RETREATS!

If you would want to go there click this link for more info:

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