Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The start of blogging

I have been wondering all the time I was in bed on how could  I spend most of my wasted times to do something relevant and timely that could make me more productive as a person and as a professional.  

YES, I'm in love with writing, Since my high school I was already scribbling some short fun stories when there is nothing to do during off school hours. Actually I still have those scribbles hidden in my room. There was  also a time when my mom hit me with her gunfire-like voice at the back of my ear when she discovered the graffiti' (sorta') that I made behind her favorite indoor wall divider... I just cant help it! IM A NATURAL BORN WRITER! Haha I write everywhere even in the sands of the beach, stonewalls and at least on borrowed library owned books lol.

During college, i don't know why i haven't  been able to write, maybe it was the excitement of being in a transition stage where finally I'm in the verge of being a fulfilled adult with my chosen field of study.  

Now, i am READY, ready to dive into what I really love doing- writing.  I AM NOW A REGISTERED NURSE AND MIDWIFE, but I still feel the urge of becoming if not good, the best writer in the whole space in my room lol. 

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