Friday, January 10, 2014


Everyday is a new tale written on the leaf of life.
I have been wandering in the midst of a smoggy clime and as my imagination enters the world between reality and fantasy, I realised.... I WAS HUNGRY! VERY HUNGRY! LOL
I woke up  late today that it was almost lunchtime, the smell of my mom's cooking was so fragrant that it reached my sleeping olfactory brain region and created a series of chemical and electrical reactions to tell myself that its already late and its time to eat.  Going downstairs with my eyes still half open and morning stars still clinging at my lashes, I made my way to the dining table and asked my mom, "whats it for lunch?", "adobong manok", she replied; Its my FAVORITE! The gastric juices start rambling inside my tummy faster and faster as if they know what the meal is.  My dad and brothers also joined us at the table and we ate like hungry horses.  I felt so satisfied! BUSOG NA BUSOG!
Its a different kind of glee to be with our family eating and chit chatting during meal times. Its a joyful moment that nothing can replace.

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