Thursday, January 23, 2014



Through some stressful heart-breaking moments of life, it is indispensable that humorous acts should always be around.  When we feel low, when our personal concerns are in debauched shape, sometimes we become moody irritable and distressed. This may slacken our energy and vigor. Let us laugh at our troubles. 

Possessing a sense of humor may lessen the burdens of life. This may help us overcome our uncertainties.
Some publics say that they don’t have a good sense of humor; it may be true that only some possess this kind of sense. 

But being able to laugh at things does not mean having a sense of humor, misdirected humor forfeits the doles of laughter. It is important to know when to laugh and not to laugh, it should have a precise time and place, without knowing and behaving in a precise manner, YOU DON’T HAVE HUMOR AT ALL!
Good thing and thank GOD I was able to apprehend and appreciate humor. Let us enjoy life’s spices as it's only a matter of reparation.

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