Thursday, January 9, 2014


Never getting tired of the water! PISCES!

Since I was already in Manila, the day after I got to the MIND MUSEUM, I decided to visit the most talked about water park in the Philippines - THE MANILA OCEAN PARK! they said that it is the Philippines' FIRST WORLD CLASS MARINE THEMED PARK!

I had some extra $$$ so I had the chance to experience almost all the attractions at the water park which were:

THE OCEANARIUM - basically a huge-huge*** aquarium filled with lots of marine creatures!
TRAILS TO ANTARTICA - the only penguin facility park now in Ph!
JELLIES EXHIBIT - large tube aquariums filled with jelly fish and some cool lightings.
FISH SPA -  dip your toes and the fish will clean up and relax your tired feet! lol
GLASS BOTTOM BOAT RIDE - veiw fishes under the glass flooring of the boat!
FANTASEA - games and rides!
BIRDS OF PREY - features the coastal predators (birds who prey on the ocean creatures).
BACK OF THE HOUSE - where they educate us on how they maintain the park.
SHARKS AND RAYS ENCOUNTER (AQUANAUT) - i haven't tried this one because of the time schedule. sad but its basically diving in with the rays and sharks!!!

Its really refreshing to visit the park amidst of all the traffic and noise in the city. A place worth going back again.


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