Monday, January 13, 2014


Grow! You aren't living if you don't change and GROW!
To develop and be better, we need to grow not only physically but more important is that we GROW through life experiences.
As i was browsing the net, i came across this funny image of MASLOW'S HEIRARCHY OF NEEDS.
It really is funny yet very straight. Back in college we were discussing this presentation which Maslo has created.  It has the biggest sense of reality and idealism for it shows how one person can achieve his potentials through following or pursuing every step in the triangle.
As time changes everything due to the advancing technology, I realized that what was added bellow the triangle really is an essential part of ones living nowadays.
WIFI or INTERNET CONNECTION - everyone of us is constantly using this technology today in various ways that could help lighten the burden of surviving life.  May  it be communication, researching useful datas to watching videos that somehow help to inspire others and most of all, there are ONLINE JOBS utilizing the power of INTERNET.
The INTERNET is helping me now to pursue my one true love - WRITING.  It helps me to see through various ideas stitched to the fibers of the internet networks widening my knowledge of everything around us.  Also Helps me to SHARE my thoughts to my loved ones, friends and  also to random people who comes across my blogs.
Thank you to the ALMIGHTY that He has given us the GIFT of intelligence and resourcefulness that men was able to put up this technology.
**photo credits to 9gag

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