Tuesday, January 7, 2014


What really is a blog and what do we do when we say blogging?

Uhmm... according to what I've heard, BLOG is an internet word formed from the words WEB and LOG, as per its meaning, I think its something that is written or logged in the web like collection of thoughts, everyday happenings, diary (exposed to the public x_x), hobbies, directions, recipes, "instructibles" or anything much that you would want to share to the world of internet users.

BLOGGING... I define it as a responsible and respectful writing, as you know whatever you publish on to the net is seen not by selective audience-ing but could be read or seen by anyone inside the web.    It is a must that what ever we write, compose and post should be on a neutral or should i say safe (as you might just get yourselves killed lol) but effective definitive and could be helpful and inspiring to others.

CHEERS! For I have just been too mellow sounding on my second blog. HAHA! I just cant stop laughing at my self when suddenly im getting out of the topic and finding myself submerged into a feeling and relate it into my scribbles. NASTY me. xoxo


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