Tuesday, January 7, 2014


EURRRGGGHH! I always suck at introducing myself to anyone! So lets just start by that eewwiie word up there ^ haha.  Well, I am Jerome, they call me a bunch of nicknames like Je, Rom, Jered, and the most likeable one is DURONG - isn't it adorable? hahaha (whoever started calling me DURONG would have been SALVAGED, CRUSHED AND EATEN ALIVE BY CROCS AND FIRE ANTS by this time lol just kidding!).

NOW YOU KNOW MY NAME. Arghh, I am turning 25 this year! YES 25! Its like I don't feel like being 25 yet! Its like being old already its like...  that's the age of my brothers when i look up to them getting married and doing OLD PEOPLE STUFF. LIKE SERIOUSLY???! I'm 25 and yet I'm stuck doing things like a 12 year old kid does!

As I told you i kinda screw a bit when doing this kind of stuff  ha ha! I don't know what to tell you next (about myself) maybe because there are more things that i hide or should I say shy and hesitant to tell you guys now? x_x.. don't worry ill gather up my confidence after dinner tonight haha!. AAAND.. YEAH! after reading this blog I realized that I only told you about my name and age and now im in the third paragraph and getting outside the blog topic just to make an excuse for my not so good "getting to know me" stuff. lol Well I guess you can get to know me even more sooner like I'll be trying to be more open on my next blogs. -yeah after dinner haha!

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