Thursday, January 23, 2014



In this world, we are all interconnected, supporting each other through the chain of life.
Some say that life is unfair, we can see it through poverty and weakness.  We cannot deny that some of us constantly needs help,  and are also constantly helped by others.

This morning as I was walking alongside of the Olongapo Victory Terminal, a man tapped my arm and asked for money, for help.” BOSS PANG-KAIN LANG” (ASKING SOME MONEY FOR FOOD).  I turned my back and saw this well-built man, almost my height, and estimating his age, he would be in his early 30’s. In my thoughts, wow! It’s like he’s more capable and stronger than me yet he is wasting his time and energy asking for alms.  I gave him 5 pesos, a small amount but it’s an EASY MONEY.

Why would they ask for help from others when they themselves don’t know how to help themselves? Isn’t it the BEST HELP THAT YOU CAN GET IS SELF HELP?
Walk by your own feet! Dont wait for help! You can do it!

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