Monday, January 13, 2014


Yeah! Just had my room cleaned -BY ME!!!
Once every lightyear, the heavenly gates open and pours a sense of responsibility in me. Haha!
Cleaning my room has a lot of benefits!
1. Having a fresh and conducive spot to relax.
2. Less stressful sight.
3. Visitor-welcome room.
4. Mother friendly room haha!
5. Plus the fact that all of your misplaced stuff are recovered!
I was surprised that i filled a sack of garbage out of the clutters in my room! Empty soda cans, fries boxes, foil pack of junkies and broken glass pieces (lucky that I wasn't able to step on those sharp things).
Now that My room is clean and very organized, well, I think I could be more sort of productive and inspired in writing haha! I wish!

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