Thursday, January 23, 2014



A lot of us today has become more and more conscious about fashion, what to wear and how to wear pieces of fabrics and accessories. Fashion and trends are just set by designers to boost their sales and income which in turn are absorbed and adsorbed by many of us. It spreads like wildfire continent to continent.

Fashion can be associated to everything, from dresses, hairstyles, shoes, even manner and etiquette.  Most of us learn fashion by watching films or browsing the net. Now there are even fashion shows on tv! They even have their own channel! That is the power of trend.

Fashion does not mean to follow and mimic everything that is popular.  It does not apply to everybody, it does not mean that if you don’t wear what is trending in the market, you have no fashion sense, well in fact those people who know what to wear comfortably are the most fashionable people for me.  Why would you wear fancy dresses if it does not fit your personality at all? Isn’t it sily?

It is a good thing embracing the change in life, following the trend and  gaining new ideas to improve ourselves BUT always know when to think back and stop, recognize would the change is beneficial or not.

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