Saturday, January 11, 2014


The adventurous mind will always be partnered by an adventurous feet.

One murky afternoon we were like chatting on facebook with my friends, bullying and tormenting each other lol. Out of nowhere, we dared to plan an adventure and to everyones' surprise, it was set that day! WE WENT TO PUGO LA UNION 11pm that day!!! No budget prepared, we still went for it! GO GO GO! PUSH PUSH PUSH!

From Olongapo city we took a 5 hour bus ride to PUGO, we arrived like 4:30am and since it was still dark, we decided to look for a church and attend the "SIMBANG GABI" ( a devotional 9-day mass at dawn for the celebration of CHRISTMAS). "PARA PO!" Set off the bus on a dark spot in Pugo, it was raining so we went to a shaded place, the road was lined by wood carving business stores, imagine life size statues made of wood in a dim place...CREEPY!  We rode a tricycle to the church only to find out that the mass is already finished and the serving ladies were already cleaning the church... So we just prayed a bit and then took some pictures.

The church is located at the center of the town next to the public market, we roamed and looked for a place to have breakfast and we found this "KARINDERYA" (an eatery sort of local restaurant), the servers were so pleasing and they offered us their specialty- THE PULPOG. It is a char-grilled pork with onions chillies and soy sauce. It tastes like barbecue without the stick REALLY GOOD! We also ordered the DINAKDAKAN also a pork dish consisting of  grilled pork face parts like ears, cheeks, and tounge mixed with spices and pork brain. YUMMY!

At around 7am, we were serviced to the PUGAD ADVENTURE, we waited for an hour for they open the place at 8am.  We paid for the entrance fee and the cottage fee.  We were ushered to our "KUBO" (cottage).  The cottages were ver authentic filipino style looking some with stairs to a
second floor relaxing area! They also offer a room for two or family suits so you can stay longer. The day tour is only open up to 6pm.  The only downside that I first noticed is that THERE IS NO DATA SIGNAL (no internet signal). BOOO! Lol Anyways we went there to enjoy nature not the internet ;).

The area is wide covering a spot that has natural terrains, rafting rivers in between and mountain tops.   That indeed the Pugad is a very tiring fat burning adventure as you will have to walk hundreds of meters, cross hanging bridges and climb like 50 feet height just to reach different attractions.

The attractions were:

Here are some pictures of our adventure.

It was really fun in PUGAD but I have to leave my friends before lunch to attend the  INTERVIEW THAT DAY at PAMPANGA. I had a short but fun experience at PUGO, what I did was the moment we entered the resort's gate, my ever supportive friends let me enjoy all the activities first, they were there as my photographers and assistants lol. From ZIPLINES, WALL CLIMBING, ZORB BALL RIDING ETC, I managed to complete the attraction packages that I availed for like 2 hours! It was very tiring! Plus the stress that the upcoming interview is giving me, I chose PLEASURE first but see to it that the commitment that I have to attend is well given attention too! I was able to attend the interview in time! THANK GOD! My friends left PUGO at 4pm and we met at OLONGAPO CITY VICTORY LINER TERMINAL they congratulated me for being able to attend the interview but bullied me as we went home for the reason that I ALREADY STINK! (You can't blame me, Ive been through a lot that day! Hahaha!)


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