Thursday, January 9, 2014


I"m just a kid longing to see wonderful places, unique things and scenes. 

As I rifle through the net, I saw one Interesting spot that I immediately would like to experience, SCIENCE FILLED ARCHIVES! -THE MIND MUSEUM!!!

It is located in Taguig and is a project of the BONIFACIO ART FOUNDATION to enrich children's and also adults'  understanding of SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY. 

The museum is divided into I think 5 exhibits; the ATOM, LIFE, EARTH, UNIVERSE AND TECHNOLOGY, which has a great diversity of displays that are INTERACTIVE so children could EXPERIENCE AND LEARN better plus almost all of the exhibited displays are in LIFE SIZE! 

When I went there, there were a lot of students on a field-trip and I just witnessed how they enjoyed a lot in the museum! You hear them react how were they amazed, laughter and discussions... 'twas really fun seeing them learn and enjoy at the same time!

When I have time this year I'll be bringing my nephews and nieces here!


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