Wednesday, February 5, 2014


The cool breeze is slowly getting warmer as the SUMMER season enters the pacific hemisphere.  It is the season most enjoyed by everyone, lets welcome summer at CAMAYAN BEACH RESORT HOTEL!

Well, I don't want to false advertise on everything but for me, and for my friends, CAMAYAN is one of the best resto-bar-resort to enjoy your summer!

Its very easy to get there! From SBMA Ayala Malls Habour Point, there is a dedicated FREE SHUTTLE with a drive time of 15 minutes, a ride through the rich and teeming wildlife of SUBIC BAY!  You see! Getting there is also a treat!
 We arrived at around 2pm, and all the attendants, guards etc were all very warm welcoming us!

Entering the resort gives you a feeling of delight on how lots of activities can you spend your summer! But the firt thing we did was EAT ! at the THE REEF RESTO BAR! They cook good food from seafood to island juices! The fresh coco water was the best!

There are KAYAKs, BIKING, WATER FIGHT SPORT, SNORKLING, DEEP DIVING, VOLLEYBALL NETS, and FRISBEE! I swear you would not know what and where to start! EXCITEMENT!

Uhmm I forgot that if ever you'd wanna swim but you have no swim-ready clothes, they have a souvenir store which sells swimming garments also.

All in all it was a great adventure with my friends! I shall and will return to CAMAYAN!


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