Saturday, February 8, 2014


Having an "Ate" with boat rent and island hopping services, is truly a treat! Haha!

We went back to ANAWANGIN COVE one sunny Sunday Morning, as usual going there is a blast! Passing by great stone formations in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by clear blue waters.  We went back to keep my Aunt's boredom away! Haha!



We arrived at exactly 8am at the island and the next thing we did was to set up a table for the BINGO game we are planning to play after lunch when the scorching sun keeps everybody away from the hot sands of the beach.


After setting up our game-table, we had a dip in the water and took pictures of the cove, it was very astonishing! Its too early for summer vacation thats why there are only few people in the island, it feels like we own the whole island! We are able to go in and out of the forested parts and trek up the hill to take more scenery photos. We went snorkeling at the crystal clear waters covering the rich and teaming coral reefs just meters away from the shore. Mind blowing it is!

I liked to make my nephew my subject for photography that day so I tried calming him up of his unbehaved hyper state of chilhood -and SO I FAILED. Hahaha! I told him to sit and pose beside the native store signage but then his concentration went up to something more delightful to him - He insisted to buy some junkees instead and not pose for me. Lol good thing i had a lot of patience in my bag hahaha!


We cooked rice and grilled fish and pork using coal and pieces of dried branches which feels like an authentic camping (or should i say THEY - for i did nothing but eat haha).  After eating, its BINGO TIME! Yeah its fun!  "SA LETRANG B -BUNTIS!" We had a couple of rounds and I NEVER WON even ONCE! Haha! I think its not my lucky day that time. Lol.

We went home before dusk and witnessed the sunset at the beach that never fails to amaze everyone. I'll surely go back to ANAWANGIN on summer!


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